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Paperless invoicing

E-invoicing solutions help achieve new levels of invoice processing performance. Digitizing invoices can eliminate errors, reduce supplier inquiries, speed approvals, and improve compliance. E-invoicing, or electronic invoicing, streamlines invoice management and simplifies how invoice and compliance documents work together. By digitizing invoice data and matching it against contracts, purchase orders, service entry sheets, and goods receipts, e-invoicing reduces the risk of invoice errors and exceptions.

When e-invoices are transmitted over a digital business network, and programmed with related document data and business rules, they can be validated automatically before posting for payment.

When invoices are digitized and transactions happen over a digital business network, accounts payable resources can be freed up to focus on more strategic activities that further streamline and simplify processes. Processing PDF invoices, non-PO invoices, and invoices for complex services can become automated and touchless.

And through the application of business rules, compliance with purchasing policies and contracts, as well as greater opportunity to capture early-payment discounts, become value-adds with electronic invoice processing that lower costs and improve productivity. Free your AP staff from manual processing with a touchless, digitalized e-invoicing process and empower them to focus on more strategic activities.

Less complexity, more strategy. Eliminate exceptions and enforce compliance to unlock value trapped inside your payables. Control spend and decrease risk with this procure-to-pay software that sets the standard for all other procurement software offerings.

Transform your payables from liabilities into strategic assets to boost free cash flow, free up working capital, and deliver more bottom-line value. What is E-Invoicing? The advantages associated with electronic invoicing.

Electronic invoicing software can transform AP staff from data entry clerks to business analysts, starting by freeing them from tedious, paper-intensive processes. Digitalize and automate e-invoice processing When invoices are digitized and transactions happen over a digital business network, accounts payable resources can be freed up to focus on more strategic activities that further streamline and simplify processes. Lose the paper. Go digital. Reduce costs and improve cash management to capture more early-payment discounts.

Manage complex services and non-PO invoices more efficiently and effectively. Strengthen compliance with contracts, company policies, and global e-invoicing regulations.If just 20 percent of American households switched to paperless billing for things like utilities and mortgages, it would prevent nearly million pounds of greenhouse gases from being produced, according to NACHA — the electronic payments association. Electronic billing is on the rise.

Americans wrote just Yet many business owners still struggle to get customers to switch to paperless billing. An appeal to conscience might be the answer. Here are some tips to help you sway consumers with an eco-responsibility message. On your website and all marketing materialsbe sure to include an environmental mission statement that outlines your commitment to the planet. And in that statement, highlight the importance of moving away from a paper-based society. When you send out brochures, marketing materials and invoices, you need to alert your customers to the fact that you offer paperless payment options.

Lead every message with the environmental benefits of electronic bill pay. And then wrap up that message by touting the many conveniences that electronic bill pay offers. We recommend sending out these alerts electronically if possible. But you may need to mail some materials by post in order to reach a wider audience.

Consider these shocking statistics:. If not, making the switch could cut down your printing, postage and handling costs and reduce the paper trail your business leaves behind.

To learn how easy it is to switch to electronic billing and invoicing, speak with one of our payment experts. Topics: Recurring Billing and Electronic Invoicing. Whether you're a small business, an enterprise corporation, a financial institution, or a software partner, we have created a series of blog posts to help you and your customers, learn more about the complex nature of payments.

Take a look to learn how payments can help to simplify your business operation, and may even help to grow your revenue. Get Started. Main Menu. Call Today Main Line. Want Customers to Switch to Paperless Billing? Appeal to Conscience. Have an Environmental Mission Statement On your website and all marketing materialsbe sure to include an environmental mission statement that outlines your commitment to the planet.

Alert Your Customers to Your Electronic Billing Option When you send out brochures, marketing materials and invoices, you need to alert your customers to the fact that you offer paperless payment options.

Consider these shocking statistics: North Americans use more paper per capita than any other region of the world — roughly pounds every year. Industrial-scale paper production is the third most energy-intensive manufacturing industry on the planet. And it is the fourth largest source of greenhouse gases in the manufacturing sector. In the United States, the average office worker uses nearly 10, sheets of copy paper annually. According to the EPA, paper represents up to 27 percent of all municipal waste throughout the country.

Paperless Billing

The amount of paper and wood that Americans throw away is enough to heat more than 50 million homes for the next two decades. Welcome to the BluePay Blog!

Recent Posts.The pros and cons of using paperless invoicing over the more traditional method of paper invoicing. It may seem surprising in this day and age, but many smaller companies still stubbornly hold onto paper invoicing processes, printing out bills that are sent to customers by post. But issuing invoices this way is slow, time-consuming and vulnerable to human error. Technology is available to offer even the smallest firms greater efficiency when demanding and collecting payments, via paperless invoice processing.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider going paperless:. Paper invoices use up valuable staff time and are prone to human error. Fewer people are needed to process payments in a paperless accounts payable process, so manpower can be deployed to more valuable parts of the business.

Invoice accuracy also typically improves. Paperless invoicing allows for greater levels of personalisation. If desired, business owners can create bespoke paperless invoice templates for each client.

Billing and Invoicing Software

As billing becomes more innovative, customer satisfaction should increase. Better efficiency equates to faster approval cycles, which itself can create trade discount opportunities.

Business owners can pass on the benefits of better cash flow to customers. When invoices are being processed more quickly companies can offer customers payment discounts for settling up debts early. Reducing paper use is better for the environment and can help a business reduce its carbon footprint. It saves on delivery costs, too. Plus, given the legal requirements to retain invoices for at least six years, going digital can free up a lot of physical storage space.

Moving from paper to digital processes should improve accuracy, boost staff productivity and see cash begin to flow more reliably into a business. Find out if online Direct Debit is right for your business. Read the guide. Sign up Contact sales.

See what the providers of global market intelligence found in their study.Billing and Invoicing software automates the process of producing and sending invoices and receiving payments.

We know business software inside and out. Check out our blog to see what's happening in the world of software. Picking any software is a mix of feature matching and budgeting. Invoicing software is no different. Mobile invoicing is a great way to cut down on wasted time, wasted money, and missed opportunities. This guest post from Viewpost spells out some of the biggest benefits. Time tracking software can cut down on wasted time, but it also cuts down on paperwork.

Smart use of time tracking can help make billing a breeze. Billing and Invoicing Software Capterra has helped thousands of businesses find the best invoicing software.

Compare product reviews and features, and learn from our Finance Software Research. What is Billing and Invoicing Software? All Products. Sort by:. Why Capterra is Free. Select Filters. Recommended Filters. Contingency Billing.

What is E-Invoicing?

Hourly Billing. Project Billing. Pricing Options. Free Trial. Monthly Subscription. Annual Subscription.

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One-Time License. Popular Features.Enough with the paper bills. Make your life easier and greener by signing up for online access to invoices, statements, and secure electronic payments. Login or Register today. Our paperless invoicing system is experiencing technical difficulty. You will not be able to log in or create an account until further notice. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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Contact Us Thank you for registering to receive email from NMC Cat. Let us know your areas of interest by checking all that apply below. For our customers, we remain open to serve you; however, we are temporarily limiting access at all locations to employees only. For parts customers, we will be providing a curbside pickup option at many of our facilities.

We encourage you to call your local NMC location or use our online services to order parts or schedule service.All new residential subscribers of voice service with data are now automatically enrolled in Paperless Billing. This initiative supports the worldwide environmental conservation thrust to minimize paper-based transactions in line with the E-Commerce Law under RA However, customers who prefer traditional paper bill instead of the electronic bill shall be provided free of charge.

If you are a landline only subscriber, you are exempted from the automatic enrollment to paperless billing and you will receive a printed copy of your monthly bill at no additional cost.

paperless invoicing

Why enroll to Paperless Billing? Steps on Enrolling to Paperless Billing.

paperless invoicing

Choose or email nominate an email address where you want to retrieve your billing statement. An email will be sent to your registered email address to confirm your enrollment to this service.

Frequently Asked Questions. Paperless billing is the paper-free, environment-friendly way to receive and view your bill. This enables you to check conveniently your current and previous bills up to the last 12 months anytime, anywhere and on any internet capable device. An eStatement is the electronic version of your monthly billing statement directly sent to your registered email address. Instead of printed bills, you will receive your monthly bill summary with the secured link to access your eStatement.

Aside from the convenience of being able to check and track your bills online, Paperless Billing allows you to contribute in making our world a better and greener place. It helps reduce paper waste and saves beautiful trees from being cut down. With paperless billing, you can now view your eStatement days after your bill statement date. An email notification with your bill summary will be sent to you every month to your registered email address.

In order to view the complete details of your bill, just select "View Billing Statements" tab found on the email notification and type in your password. As soon as your bill is available online, an SMS notification containing your bill summary will also be sent to you. It is important that you keep your contact information with us updated so you won't miss your bill notifications and updates.Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members.

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paperless invoicing

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Using Invoice ASAP for the Small Business

Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. I need help writting a letter we are going paperless? Im having trouble writting a letter to my customers that im going to send invoices electronically through email instead of mail.

Asked by: Ismael. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. So you might have to start by a formal greet and the text structure is 1st paragraph- you say what youre goin to say and then you write as m If you know the name of the manager, great, if not, you will need this info. Take the time to plan and prepare what you are wanting to conv Add your answer. Hi dear hope fi9 u good im good. Was this answer helpful?

Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. So you might have to start by a formal greet and the text structure is 1st paragraph- you say what youre goin to say and then you write as many paragraphs as you need to explain the subject and finaly you write a formal greeting again. Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Take the time to plan and prepare what you are wanting to convey to the manager of this assistant.

You may not want to vent all your anger to the manager. Always keep a copy for yourself. You will direct your greeting to the manager like Dear Mr. Smith on the left side of your paper. Then indent the first paragraph with five spaces with the keyboard. By the way, this is an informal letter In your first paragraph try to be firm, directand concise without being nasty and argumentative about your issue with the assistant.

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